Do you think you have a slow metabolism?


Quite often people say they can’t lose weight or find it really hard to lose weight because their metabolism isn’t working properly, so let’s find out how metabolism changes over time and what we can do to improve it.


In my experience consulting with hundreds of women one-on-one, they often tell me that it’s easier for them to gain a few pounds than it’s to lose them, the reality is that metabolism slows down with age. The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to maintain a healthy weight due to hormonal changes, decrease in muscle mass, being less active, and the natural aging of your metabolic processes.


However, the good news is we can have a direct influence on our metabolism by making good healthy lifestyle choices that makes you stronger, fitter, helps you burn calories better and ultimately lose more weight.


Before we go into it I have to share with you a great success story of Joanne, this is a perfect example of no matter what your age is you can achieve great results. When I met Joanne for the first time she was in her seventies and her goal was to lose weight, get fitter, and reduce her cholesterol levels, so we did sessions together, increased her daily activity and reduced refined carbohydrates from her diet.


In just four months, Joanne lost over 28 pounds that’s two stone! What’s more, she also reduced her cholesterol levels by 50%! This was a fantastic achievement, and it shows by making good lifestyle choices we have the power change the way we look and feel.


So how does metabolism change in the different stages of life and what can you do about?


When you are in your early 20s, you’re still growing, and your muscles and bones are developing. Meaning, you are burning more calories in a day also your burning more calories at rest. Generally, you have a very good metabolism at this age.


When you are in your 30s, your body will start losing muscle mass around the age of 35. It’s been found that you lose about one percent of muscle mass every year also it’s harder for women to maintain muscle mass and lose muscle at a faster rate than men, so I recommend to add strength training such as body weight exercises, using weights or any type of resistance that works your muscles to your fitness plan regularly, aim for two or three times a week.

And by the way don’t worry about getting big or bulky with doing resistance exercises that’s probably one the main reasons most women choose not to do it but you need to be lifting heavy weights over a long period of time to get that big and with the right guidance strength training will be great for anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and get stronger.


When you are in your 40s, studies show that the average woman has tried dieting for more than six years by the time she reaches 40. However, nearly 95% of those women regain lost weight within a period of five years. So all that effort put into dieting mounts to nothing instead it’s best to consume fewer calories as your metabolism slows down by reducing your food portions without having to go on different diets. I have done a separate video called “A simple method to lose weight straight away” on how to properly reduce your food portions without feeling hungry.

When you are in your 50s a woman enters menopause, her oestrogen and progesterone levels start to drop significantly. This drop leads to bone and muscle loss, and sometimes even weight gain due to hormonal changes. Strength training is essential at this stage and with age your body becomes less able use sugar as energy so will ultimately be stored as fat, so it is best to watch your sugar intake.


The key takeaways to speed up your metabolism is to reduce your sugar intake, watch your food portions, eat healthy foods, add plenty of strength training exercise and move more every day.

That is the surest road to a fit and speedy metabolism, regardless of your age and to make it easier for you visit and I can show you how to do all of those things in my videos or in person.