Do you struggle to lose weight? Have you tried many times before but go little to no results? Do you want to get fitter, stronger and slimmer?

Today I’ll be telling you what the secret is to losing weight if there is a secret and what you can do right now to start seeing results.

You will be pleased to hear that there is no secret to losing weight so you haven’t missed out on anything, what I will tell you which you might already know and what I coach my clients and guide them through their fitness journey is “It’s the consistency in making the best possible choices in your lifestyle that makes you look and feel the way you want to.”

In our daily lives we repeatedly do things that will either help us to achieve our goal or take us further away from it, so if you want to look and feel better and that means getting fitter, healthier and losing some weight to achieve that then does your lifestyle reflect that outcome?

The more consistent you are in your food, exercise, sleep and managing stress the better results you will get, and the easier it is to maintain it because it becomes a way of life.

It’s the consistency with being committed to your exercise such as scheduling your workouts, doing your exercise before, after or during work, attending your class or regularly playing sports. When life gets in the way you might miss out a day or a week and that’s fine its called reality but it’s the mindset of getting back into it straightaway, it’s this type of consistency that will help you get amazing results.

Also, food it’s the consistency of having the healthiest ingredients when your cooking, making the healthiest choices when your out socially or at work, it’s making the choice of enjoying & sticking with one glass of wine rather than 3. All of these accumulate within your diet and the more consistent you are in making the best choices the better the result.

Also, if you continue to make better choices more often within time this becomes a habit, so what is a habit? It is a regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. When you begin to exercise and you do it often and long enough you’ll be surprised but you’ll start to really enjoy it, whether it’s the feeling during your workout or how you feel after most people have a positive response to exercise. Within time this will become a habit and that is when it becomes part of your lifestyle. The same with food when you make improvements to your diet you will begin to enjoy eating that way and enjoy the benefits of sustained energy, a healthy digestive system and reduced bloating just to name a few.

This too will become a habit because you enjoy what you’re eating, you enjoy how you feel, you see the results and you continue eating this way because it works for you. You might be thinking but Michael, I have kids things happen often and unexpectedly, I have a busy job that takes up all my time and gets in the way of my personal time, it’s hard to be consistent.

I totally understand what you are saying and my clients are in the exact same shoes, what I recommend is having the right approach and that’s where I like to introduce the 80 / 20 concept, it’s fair, maintainable and it makes it realistic to have a fitness routine with a busy life.

So, for 80% of the time you are consistent with doing all the right things that helps you achieve your health & fitness goals, and the 20% gives you some wiggle room for when life gets in the way also to enjoy life by not missing out on social occasions which most diet & exercise plans don’t allow.

If your fitness routine is too strict it will be hard to maintain and you won’t enjoy it, the reality is that’s it’s possible to lose weight and get fitter whilst enjoying life its just knowing the right balance of how to do it.

This is a sensible weight loss approach by losing small amounts each week consistently with regular exercise and healthy food rather than crash dieting or doing extreme bouts of exercise for a short period and then going back to your old lifestyle.

For a touch of inspiration here’s a scientifically backed study that showed consistency is better than extreme, the study showed: the best way to trim down is to steadily – not drastically – cut down your calories. People who lose a lot of weight in a short period of time nearly always pile the pounds back on afterwards,

It was found that the participants (80 per cent of whom were women) who lost a consistent amount of weight week-in week-out for the first six weeks of the study had lost more weight a year on than the yo-yo dieters, despite the fact that they’d seen more dramatic results in the early stages. Another year on the same study, those who’d lost weight consistently kept it off better (meaning they still maintained the results they achieved) compared to the crash dieters which less people managed to maintain it.

So, there is no secret the key is to be consistent and if that’s something you need help with your welcomed to visit, and discover our transformation plan which simplifies weight loss for women with busy lives also there are more videos to help you through your fitness journey.