Total Body Toning TRANSFORMATION Programme


You aren’t happy with yourself, you feel you need to do something about your weight and body shape but no idea where to start. If you have a gym membership you either don’t attend or rarely go & are very confused when you do. You want to do something but your time is taken up with the children and you need the push and motivation from a trainer to get you started.


You often feel tired and lack the energy to exercise, you’ve tried to do workouts but get confused when trying to workout alone. You lose motivation when results don’t come as fast as you’d like. You see exercise as a chore & currently don’t do any. You’re also concerned your diet is majorly contributing to your current size &/or weight.


You need regularly appointments to make sure you exercise & results come fast so you keep motivated. You need clear simple advice to adjust your diet to one that produces weight loss effortlessly. You need all or most of your exercise to be with a trainer to make sure you do it & you don’t get confused! You need to invest in yourself for 16 – 26 weeks to gain the weight loss results you desire & get praised for achieving it.


You will feel excited & positive from day one knowing so many before you have achieved the weight loss you desperately want. You will quickly learn to embrace your new healthier lifestyle & believe in yourself which alone will make you feel better. Typically clients choosing this program want to lose 1-2 stone this usually equates to 2-3 clothes sizes or more. Also clients who want completely tone & shape up their body would choose this programme. You will enjoy frequent interesting enjoyable workouts that leave you with a sense of achievement. The support & confidence from your trainer keeps you focused & positive.


  • Your own personalised workout plan to begin creating good habits in your lifestyle.
  • Regular lifestyle analysis & advice to prevent you from ever reaching a plateau.
  • Progress checked regularly (every 2 weeks) to keep you accountable & positive when you realise what you are achieving.

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