The time saving power of HIIT training

One of the top three reasons why busy women don’t exercise is a lack of time but there’s a relatively new method that can overcome that. HIIT training – they are short bursts of exercise, followed by rest periods and an average workout would last 20 to 30 minutes. That sounds reasonable right?

The key with this method is that during the exercise phase, you need to max out your effort by performing an exercise, faster, adding resistance (weights, body weight, bands etc), choosing a more advanced exercise for your fitness levels or anything that makes it more challenging.

Top tip – with my clients I love to use the 1 to 10 effort level.

It’s simple and effective, level 1 is easy and level 10 is very hard and everything in between you can get an idea of. Normally I choose a level eight with HIIT sessions at the start, gradually progressing to a nine and finally, at 10. Max it OUT!

Remember to always do exercises with good form, if you can’t change the exercise or slow down to get the best out of every rep and prevent injury.

Why HIIT training is so effective 

A study from the Canadian science publishing show doing as little as 30 minutes per session with a total of 10 minutes of actual HIIT exercise performed three times per week has multiple health benefits.

Another study from the Department of exercise physiology in Sydney, Australia, showed that HIIT training required 40% less training time then. And MICT (moderate intensity continuous training) to get the same fat burning results.

“The key is not spending time but investing in it.” Stephen R Covey

The proof is in the pudding Katie struggled to lose weight for many years. We started working together and we focused on HIIT training for her exercise plan adjusting intensity and picking the right exercises for her fitness levels.

With her commitment Katie successfully lost over 21 kg’s within a year!

I know what you might be thinking she was on a diet plan, she must of starved herself! Believe or not she wasn’t, we simply improved her food choices and food portions, accompanied with the HIIT workouts on a weekly basis.

It really has great benefits, and I’d highly recommend it for anybody who doesn’t have much time and wants to get in shape, lose a dress size & feel better.

If you want to know how to safely and effectively do HIIT training get in touch by claiming your free taster session.