It’s most likely you never started a fitness routine or saw one through because there was no-one to keep you accountable.

Accountability is a massive game-changer when you apply it to anything in life and here’s how you can do it to get in shape.

We, humans, are funny creatures how often have you booked in an appointment and the reason you turned up is that you didn’t want to let down the other person even though that appointment was for your benefit!

We care enough to not let someone else down but don’t care enough to let ourselves down, and we do this in different areas of our life.

That’s why accountability is such a game-changer when you apply it to your health and fitness journey, imagine how much better you would feel if you consistently exercised weekly, imagine how much better you would look when you consistently lose a few inches here and there (all in the right places of course), what a difference would that make?

Yvonne was struggling with sugar in her diet she felt she was addicted to it, she relied on it for energy throughout the day. Simply telling Yvonne to reduce sugar and giving her healthier alternatives was not going to cut it so we created a 7-day commitment.

During those 7 days, Yvonne had to send me a picture of everything she ate and drank including all her meals throughout the day, every snack, everything.

What happened?

Yvonne upped her game.

By having to send me the pictures she automatically became more aware and mindful of her food choices, because she didn’t want to send me pics of a chocolate muffin at work and a slice of fireman Sam cake at the weekend birthday party.

The cake and the muffin became a square of dark chocolate and a piece of her favorite fruit, she continued the 7-day challenge for longer and lost 10kg’s, had more energy and felt great.

Gym memberships are another perfect example they thrive off members going for a few weeks at the start of their plan and end up paying for the entire year having gone only twice.

I don’t have anything against gym’s personally I enjoy it (you’re probably thinking well obviously) they’re just not that effective for some because there’s no real accountability to attend.

Try this here’s one way to keep you accountable do a social media shout out saying what you want to achieve for example; “I’m going to do a 10km charity run in 8 weeks’ time, who’s in?

Now people know what you’re doing, and you might even have others joining, now there’s no choice but to train for that run and guess what when you complete, you’ll feel great!

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