Tracking is great way to keep you motivated and focused when losing weight, toning up and getting in shape.

We’ve found the sweet spot to keep clients accountable without obsessing over the numbers is measuring once every 2 weeks.

Why 2 weeks?

This time frame is long enough to see a difference and short enough to keep you accountable with your exercise and healthy eating routine.

This also creates micro goals which helps break down big daunting goals into smaller achievable ones, before you know you’ve achieved what you wanted, and you look and feel great for it!

Weight gain or weight loss is a process and it takes time for your body to put that in action and deliver the outcome of losing or gaining fat.

“My top tip is choose your favourite clothing that doesn’t fit you well and put it on every 2 weeks to see and feel the difference”.

A study showed that those who measured themselves regularly which is a strategy called “self-monitoring” lost more weight than those who didn’t because Tracking your behaviour gives you some accountability, it can create some natural feedback, and it can serve as a source of motivation.

If your goal is to look great in your clothes there are 4 simple ways to measure how you’re getting on:

1. Measurements – this is one of my favourites because most people store fat in different places of the body and sometimes we have a specific area that never seems to budge! With body measurements you can see how your body shape is changing and where your toning up.

2. Your clothes – this is the ultimate tracking tool and one that makes most people the happiest because when you put on that beautiful dress that you haven’t worn in ages and now it fits it’s a great feeling.

3. Weigh ins – Use a scale that has insights such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and more to give you a bigger picture of your body’s composition.

Careful not to obsess with weighing yourself, I’ve seen clients weigh themselves every day and that’s not a good habit, there’s just too many variables and weight fluctuates on a daily basis.

This might work for some but for most it will drive anyone insane instead find a healthy balance that works for you.

4. Look in the mirror – what better way is there than to see results in the mirror, you can visually see how your body shape is changing.

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